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Multimedia Rooms

Novotel Montreal Centre has launched the latest generation of meeting rooms. A space easy to work with, resolutely dynamic, practical equipment, ergonomic furnishings, tricks of the trade and innovations to ensure the comfort of everyone.

Concerned for the success of your company, we want to be sure to utilize the latest technological innovations to ensure quality presentations for your meetings.

No need to look any further, we have exactly what you need !

Novotel Montreal Centre places at your disposal a technological center designed for the needs of today that will have you save time and money while offering the best there is for your participants.

Our multimedia rooms are equipped with a touch screen wireless control system permitting the control of lighting, blinds and a variety of audiovisual equipment.

Hotel photo
Hotel photoHotel photo


  • Video projection with LCD technology
  • Rear projection and suspensed projector with large screen
  • Infrastructure to connect video machines and computers
  • S-VHS videocassette recorder
  • 2 video cameras available for 3D and written document image transmission
  • Machine available for the automatic transfer of slides to video
  • DVD player


  • Wireless microphones and lectern microphones
  • Multidisk CD players
  • Sound reproduction system in front and rear of rooms permiting more clarity


  • Interfaces compatibles with Mac, PC and SUN formats
  • Connections possible at the podium and at meeting room tables
  • Modem connection for each participant
  • Wired high speed internet connection for each participant


  • 2 ISDN lines for video conferencing
  • 3 standard telephone lines
  • A telephone to ensure conmunication with all hotel departments


  • Lighting system on a rheostat to permit varying levels of illumination


  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Lectern with integrated lighting and clock
  • Electric blinds
  • Rolling flipcharts
  • Permanent setup in " U " or empty square
  • Wall supports muraux for the presentation of documents
  • Electrical connection for each participant

For more information, see the Algarve Brochure (pdf) and the Algarve room size and layouts (pdf)

Hotel photo
Hotel photo

For more information, see the Toscane Brochure (pdf) and the Toscane room size and layouts (pdf)

For more information, see the Baviere Brochure (pdf) and the Baviere room size and layouts (pdf)

Hotel photo
Hotel photo

For more information, see the Picardie Brochure (pdf) and the Picardie room size and layouts (pdf)

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